Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Caitlin and I'm currently based in

Selangor, Malaysia. Passionate about colours, design and people. I get inspired by environment and people around me which gets me to illustrate, design and also explore and experiment with different mediums, materials and colours. Currently exploring what hairstyles should I go for and eating rice as my

source of nutrient to stay alive. 


Untitled-Artwork (40).png

"Caitlin transforms the medium of paper to become her own, paper bites is a new and inventive way to enjoy your favourite malaysian desserts." -------- Jacqueline Lau, FBI

"Refreshing and Interesting." -------- Edmund Lim , Investor of Forax 

"Ideas are conceptualizing and interesting to look at." -------- Lisa Lau, The Sims

"Can draw me ah?" --------  Jane Ha, aunt 

Lili Lala Award 2000 - Merit

Best Sleeping for the longest award - Silver