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This project is a packaging for McDonald's Happy Meal to educate kids about recycling.

The idea of the packaging is to be compact and making sure every component (burger, fries, drink and toys) are able to fit into the Happy Meal packaging.

The packaging also gives children the element of surprise when opening the Happy Meal which will infuse into another world.


The burger and fries packaging are combined into 1 to reduce the packaging of the fries.

The cups are designed to complement with the outer packaging

The storybook teaches children on how to separate trash that will help the planet Earth.

These toys are integrated with the outer packaging which is magnetic that can stick on the shaded grass area. The toys are sustainable, so children can keep the toys and the packaging as well. They can also bring it anywhere putting their favourite toys in the packaging.  

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Once the toys are placed onto the shaded grass area, they have to scan a QR code behind the pouch which will bring them to the interactive zone page. The scanner will scan the character, and it will bring out to life through Augmented Reality (AR). 

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